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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 24 hr bridging loan ?
A 24 hr bridging loan is used to finance instant expenses. It is distinct from the other loans in the sense that borrowers get approval within 24 hours.

What is the term for which bridging loan is allowed ?
The term for bridging loan varies from a month to a year. These are short-term loans and require payment within a shorter time frame.

What will be the APR ?
The APR chargeable on 24 hr bridging loan is generally higher than the regular loans. Borrowers, depending on their credit status, will get a different APR on his loan application.

Do I need to put certain collateral ?
Bridging loans are largely secured. They will be secured either on the new house to be purchased or the old house or both.

How can I apply for a 24 hr bridging loan ?
Borrowers can apply through an online application, which is available on the website.

Can I apply with bad credit history ?
24 hr Bridging Loan will arrange bridging loan deals in spite of bad credit history.

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