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Personal Bridging Loans

Is there a financial gap between selling your home and buying another? Worried about how to deal with it? Well, your problem could be solved here. 24 Hr Bridging Loan can arrange personal bridging loans within 24 hrs of application and help you deal with your financial problem.

Personal bridging loans are short term loans. They are secured against your property. You can pay back as soon as you have sold your home. However, the repayment period is typically between 25 days and 1 year.

The amount you can borrow as personal bridging loans usually ranges between 25,000 and 500,000. Two types of personal bridging loans are available. Open bridging loans and closed bridging loans. Open bridging loans are available when you want to buy the new property even if you have not finalized on the terms of selling your present home. Closed bridging loans are available when there is some delay in selling the old house. 24 Hr Bridging Loan can help you get the right kind of personal bridging loans of your choice that meets your requirements.

24 Hr Bridging Loan can arrange various lenders offering personal bridging loans at the most competitive rates in UK. They are also available to self employed and people with poor credit history. So apply now for personal bridging loan and bridge your financial gap.

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